Model Business +




  • All wheel drive (4x4)
  • Diesel engine, 190 hp
  • Body color - black metallic
  • Panoramic Cameras
  • Front / rear parking sensors
  • Without mileage
  • Sliding side-door electric drive
  • Three-zone climate control
  • Extended base
  • Built-in navigation
  • Increased power generator
  • 17 "light alloy wheels


The partition between the driver's and passenger compartment allows for complete noise isolation of the cabin. Wireless communication allow you to be in touch with the driver without any distraction. Modern multimedia systems (Apple TV, digital TV, high-speed Internet) + the lowering of the TV and glass allows you to communicate with the driver directly and monitor the progress of traffic.

If you wish, you can also lift only the glass, preventing the driver from seeing you, but you can see him.

Раскладные сиденья

Folding Seats

Our folding seats have a very beautiful design and can carry up to 4 passengers when necessary.

In the extended position, they are formed into full-fledged comfortable seats with personal safety belts. On the left side of the seat, you can also use a pull-out table for work or eating.

Задний диван

Rear Seats

Our rear sofa includes increased softness of the seats - maximum comfort for long trips. It reclines by an angle of up to 150 degrees.

The sofa has heating functions and ventilation of the seats + a set of various options with a sliding footboard. Also, comfortable armrests with multimedia management functions. If desired, the armrest can be raised and a seat will appear for one more passenger.

The sofa is trimmed with high-quality leather, which guarantees durability in use.



A ceiling console - Maybach style creates comfortable, cozy lighting.

Climate control is located on the overhead console + climate control and lighting brightness is located on the ceiling console for your convenience.

The ceiling chandelier has a beautiful frame and a lot of chrome elements, which gives it a really elegant look and fits perfectly into the overall interior of the cabin.

Выдвижной стол

Retractable Table

The machine has a retractable table in the board for convenient work while driving.

The table is pulled with skin or veneered, chrome elements are also added, which makes it very qualitative both visually and with direct use.

Выдвижной бар

Retractable Bar

The retractable bar and numerous cup holders will create a pleasant addition during working days or leisure.

Our own development allows you to place 4 glasses and a decanter, while there is an additional space for various small objects. The bar extends automatically and does not affect the comfort of passengers at all.


  • Location and number of cylinders: 4
  • Working volume (cm3): 2143 cm3
  • Rated power (kW per rpm): 120/3800
  • 0-100 km/ph in 11.7 seconds
  • Top speed in km/ph : 194
  • Fuel consumption in the city (1 litre / 100 km): 7.9 l / 100km
  • Fuel consumption on free roads (1 litre / 100 km): 5.3 l / 100km
  • Combined fuel consumption (1 litre / 100 km): 6.3 l / 100km
  • Combined CO2 emissions (g/km): 164 g/km


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